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In-Office Whitening - What are the benefits?


In-Office Whitening - What are the benefits?

Having your teeth professionally whitened can be a great way to enhance the beauty of your smile! There are many things that we eat and drink daily that can cause the gradual staining of our pearly whites, such as coffee, red wine, dark fruits and vegetables, and colas. Stains on your teeth caused by these “organic compounds” are usually easily treated with in-office teeth whitening. Through an examination by your dentist, you will know if you are a good candidate for this type of procedure.

Many people think that store-bought, “at-home” whitening treatments are just as good as the in-office procedure but that is not the case. There are benefits to having your teeth professionally whitened at your dental office, including:

  • Time. You will see results immediately following an in-office whitening treatment due to some level of tooth dehydration (although it will take a few days to see the true change after the teeth rehydrate).
  • Comfort. In-office treatments utilize special bleaching materials that are designed to minimize patient sensitivity.
  • Safety. Know that you are in good hands when you are being treated by a dental professional! A tooth examination is necessary before beginning an in-office whitening treatment to make sure there are no issues with your teeth that may be worsened or irritated by a bleaching treatment.
  • It's effective & long-lasting. Most dentists will send you home with an at-home bleaching kit and trays specifically molded to your teeth so that you can maintain your results for a long time!

The in-office whitening process is simple. After a dental hygiene cleaning and examination of your teeth (to make sure your teeth are in optimum health to receive the treatment) the doctor will insert a cheek retractor to expose the teeth that will receive the whitening treatment. Then, a liquid rubber dam will be painted onto your gums to prevent irritation of this tissue. Next, the bleaching gel will be applied to your teeth and left there for a certain amount of time (usually 15 to 30 minutes). This gel has more hydrogen peroxide in it than store-bought bleaching systems allowing it to work faster and more effectively. Some in-office whitening systems utilize a blue light which may speed up the whitening process (if this unique light is used, you will be given wrap-around sunglasses to wear to protect your eyes). Your dental team will be checking the progress of the whitening of your teeth during your wait time. When the treatment time ends you will rinse out your mouth and behold the beautiful results!

KoR In-Office Teeth Whitening

What is the KoR Teeth Whitening System?

The image of a dazzling, bright white smile appeals to everyone. Almost everyone you ask has attempted some over-the-counter whitening or even a "professional" whitening procedure and had less-than-satisfactory results at some point in their lives. The KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching Technique is the newest, most revolutionary, and most effective whitening system ever developed.