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Icon White Spot Removal

Quickly and painlessly vanquish white spots on your teeth.

Do you have unattractive white spots on your teeth? Fluorosis, demineralization, trauma, poor oral hygiene, or discoloration after orthodontic treatment are common causes of these minor flaws. In the past, these white spot lesions (WSLs) were only treated with injections, drilling, and resin or porcelain restorations. However, a simpler alternative is available now. We are pleased to offer Icon treatment, an ingenious and harmless method for removing lesions without requiring a highly invasive dental procedure.

How ICON's Drill Free White Spot Removal Works

WSLs are caused by an imbalance between tooth mineralization and remineralization. Some areas of the enamel contain more minerals than others, resulting in an uneven hue. Lesions are regions where minerals cannot reach deeper portions of the enamel; they appear white due to how light scatters when it strikes lesions.

The following describes how Icon corrects WSLs and enamel bruising:

  • Our dentist exposes the tubules of the tooth using micro-abrasion. Then we repeatedly apply an etching material to the tooth. These steps will ensure that the resin responsible for color correction can penetrate the tooth effectively.
  • We retain the tooth in place as we apply a special resin. The resin penetrates the lesion and permeates the affected tooth. It creates a bond with the structure of the tooth.
  • The dentist removes excess resin from the teeth and then uses light to solidify the remaining resin.
  • We finish the new appearance by polishing the teeth. After treatment, the appearance of your teeth should be significantly more uniform than before.
  • From start to finish, an Icon treatment may last approximately one hour.

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